Butcher Shop Endorsements — June Election 2016

While I patiently await the arrival of my absentee ballot I figured I’d share my thoughts and endorsements for the June 7 election here in Riverside.

endorsement box.pngAs I wrote for CityWatch earlier this year, Us Grammas Gotta Stick Together! Much to the chagrin of my leftie and labor friends and feeling-the-Bern son, I’m with her!

Thrilled to be voting for Kamala Harris because she is inspiring and so well-prepared for the Senate and because her opponent is not.

Congressman Mark Takano is a great member of Congress!

From my Congressman’s website:

During his first term, Mark returned more than $2 million in benefits to constituents and veterans, advocated for immigration reform, toured more than 100 businesses, increased VA medical residency slots, and worked to keep federal funding for the Perris Valley Line during the 2013 government shutdown.

Takano has a great district staff, a long record of accomplishment for Riverside, and he’s so dapper in summer sear-sucker!

State Senator Richard Roth and Assemblymember Jose Medina both deserve reelection to the CA State Legislature.

At kevin jeffries.jpgthe risk of sounding grandmotherly, I find Kevin Jeffries adorable. It’s a non-partisan spot and an important job. He’s exceedingly well-staffed, and I believe he’s a critical member of the Board of Supes.

Here’s what Supervisor Jeffries says about his service:

Since being elected nearly 4 years ago, I have been a strong, independent voice on behalf of taxpayers, residents, and small businesses. Protecting and respecting your hard earned tax dollars often leads me to challenge the status quo and oppose wasteful spending.

  I have personally refused to accept pay increases.

          I have declined a taxpayer funded pension.

          I have rejected stipends to attend other meetings.

          I opposed proposals to raise vehicle and homeowner taxes.

Our government must be more accountable, efficient, and transparent, while improving essential community services.  We have successfully increased public safety services across the county, improved community centers, parks, animal control services, and started paving neighborhood streets again. We must, however, remain focused on helping the private sector create good local jobs, making significant improvements to our local roads and freeways, improving 911 response times, and finding permanent solutions for our homeless camps. [Emphasis his.] 

takano picCongressman Mark Takano – Born and raised in Riverside, Mark’s commitment to public service began at an early age. His family roots in Riverside go back to his grandparents who, along with his parents, were removed from their respective homes and sent to Japanese American Internment camps during World War II. After the war, these two families settled in Riverside County to rebuild their lives.

Happily, I stumbled upon the Riverside League of Women Voters Mayoral Forum and wrote about it: THERE’S A MAYORAL ELECTION IN RIVERSIDE? ON JUNE 7?

Melendez sign 2016

Nancy Melendez will be a great mayor! The more I learn about Nancy, her work, her service, and her experience, the more excited I am to support her!

This effusive “news” piece City of Riverside Mayoral Election Brings Potential Historical First highlights the significance of this local election:

There is a sense of change on the horizon with the primary election bringing the possibility of the first woman president of the United States. The City of Riverside local election also brings a potential historical change of the first minority woman mayor in Riverside’s history.

Candidate Melendez has been a Riverside resident for 60 years, of which 40 of those years spent passionately serving her community. At the recent candidate forum, she cited one of her reasons for entering the mayoral race as a desire to restore the lines of communication with the constituents.

“I want to see transparency in the government. Better collaboration with diverse organizations, and intermittent checks and balances with the city budget,” said Melendez.

Melendez’s supporters include California Assemblymember Jose Medina, retired City Council Member Nancy Hart, retired Riverside Undersheriff Val Hill, and a host of business and community leaders.


Measure A: Riverside is a big enough city to justify a unit of prosecutors, even if the City bungled the presentation of the idea. Plus cities look at crime differently than counties. Plus a bit of tension between the County and the City is good for them both and the adults will figure it out when it passes.

Measure B: Raises for council? Seriously? It’s not a full-time job and it shouldn’t be! That’s the whole notion! For a very long time, Riverside had a strong, visionary, charismatic mayor and that was a good thing! The City has a City Manager and a solid professional staff. Fifty percent of the Mayor’s pay is sufficient to attract working people who wish to serve but not be employed by the City. So, no.

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